Our first published podcast (just imagine the ones that didn’t make the cut) is a discussion about the notorious documentary film maker Franco Prosperi’s first narrative fiction film ‘Wild Beasts’. Franco Prosperi is responsible for brining us the ‘Mondo Cane’ shockumentary series as well as the controversial ‘Africa Addio’ (Africa; Blood and Guts) documentary. So its very interesting to see this person actually write and direct his first motion picture that just so happens to¬† feature a variety of animal attacks in the city. The water supply for a large city zoo becomes contaminated with PCP and the animals go crazy and get loose. Hell yeah! Mid-80’s, Italian, animal attack Grindhouse film from the nut behind ‘Mondo Cane’! Sounds like a must see. Where else do you get to see rats eat people getting it on in the back seat. How about a cheetah chasing down a convertible or elephants busting down a wall to trample whom ever is in their way. How about getting weirded out when you watch a hyena trying to rip a pigs ear off. Hold up… there ain’t no CGI or strings attached on this one. 100 percent Cult Classic.

We actually recorded this podcast before ‘Wild Beasts” had been available in the U.S. on Blu-Ray. Now, probably thanks to our mental mojo powers, Serevin Films has released ‘Wild Beasts’ in it proper remastered form, complete with bonus features! One bonus feature has a tour of Franco Prosperi’s home and its loaded with bizarre artifacts he has collected during his career. Wild stuff. Worth checking out. Enjoy the rant.