Body horror, biological horror, organic horror or visceral horror is horror fiction in which the horror is principally derived from the graphic degeneration or destruction of the physical body. Such works may deal with decay, disease, surgical modification, parasitism, mutation, or mutilation. -Collins English Dictionary

In this podcast we discuss a variety of movies that fall under the sub-genre “body horror”. We discuss movies such as Tetsuo, Shivers, Street Trash, Quid Pro Quo, American Mary, Possession, Slither, Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead, and the remake of Evil Dead (2013) and rant about many more. The movies that fall under this heading is broad so we just pick some our favorites and talk about why we feel they belong in body horror. Both of us introducing and recommending films the other hasn’t seen. It makes for a fun rant on one of the most shamelessly nauseating sub-genre’s around. BODY HORROR. They come loaded with special effects and slime or none at all. Some are funny, some are downright wrong.Enjoy the podcast. Keep your limbs if its an option. Don’t get any weird ideas.

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