One night Creepy and Dungeondan were talking about how John Carpenter was suing Luc Besson for stealing his story from his film ‘Escape from New York’ and using it in his film ‘Lockout’. I never would have seen ‘Lockout’ if it weren’t for this law suit.  The film was a total flop. Then we started talking about how Carpenter can be a real critic at times in interviews. We also began to talk about his career ( both talking shit and giving praise). Time for a podcast! We each wrote a list of our top five films directed by John Carpenter and then phoned in to Reel 9 and gave our results!

To date John Carpenter has 31 director credits, 45 writer credits, 29 composer credits, 45 soundtrack credits,13 producer credits, and 19 actor credits. Halloween. The Thing. Escape from New York. When you hear these movie titles you immediately think of John Carpenter. Most people think that the 1978 movie Halloween was his first film. He actually made two feature films prior to Halloween,  Dark Star (1976) and Assault on Precinct 13 (1976). He’s an American icon whether you like it or not. He is also the guy that made the Chevy Chase comedy ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’ and the remake of ‘Village of the Damned. We’ve got enough to discuss right here. Enjoy.

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