The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

July 27, 2017

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)   3.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Creepy Uncle Kevin.

The second film from Norwegian film maker Andre Overdal who previously brought us a personal favorite under the name of ‘Troll Hunter’ (2010 – in Norwegian). This marks his first American film, and while the cover and title give off a ‘direct to streaming’ vibe, this film has received positive criticism. It is very different from his first project (I imagine any thing he does would be different from ‘Troll Hunter’) and I noticed he did not write the script this time. As for the script, the film is about two coroners, a Father and Son team played by Emile Hirsch (‘Into The Wild’, ‘Speed Racer’), and Brian Cox (‘25th Hour’, ‘Red’) who are conducting an autopsy on an unidentified corpse dropped off by the police. The corpse, or ‘Jane Doe’, is played by Olwen Catherine Kelly who does nothing but lay there completely naked the whole time making you feel uncomfortable. As the autopsy begins so does the mystery. I called the ending and that’s why the film didn’t get 4 stars, but I really enjoyed this movie. It kept me engaged. I wasn’t in the mood to actually watch a movie. I just turned on my copy to check the quality and see what the film looked like, and found myself watching for the whole show instead of the 5 minutes I expected. That’s a good review. Plus I didn’t even know it was from the director of ‘Troll Hunter’, a movie I enjoyed so much it’s trying not to turn this review into a puff piece for that movie! This film has got some great suspence, originality, and gross stuff going on. A very limited cast and again, a one location horror piece, but it moves a long well and doesn’t fall into any of the cliches. So, who is the girl? How did she die? What’s this cloth in her guts for? Whats up with her skin? Horror fans will get a kick out of this. However, I think it’s more like a very good episode of ‘Masters Of Horror’ then a film. It kind of has a ‘Tales From The Crypt’ sort of ending. Enough said. Thumbs up. Check it out.

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