In 2017 long time friends and horror fanatics Dungeondan and Creepy Uncle Kevin decided to produce a podcast about horror movies and obscure cinema. The idea came about during one of their frequent lengthy phone calls discussing the movies they had seen, the people involved with the production, and our opinions of the past and future of cinema. One particular rant had them laughing so much that Dungeondan said “Man we should turn this into a podcast and let everyone hear the crap we’re saying”. Creepy concurred. That marks the birth of Reel 9. Neither of them have ever done a podcast before but it was quickly figured out. Creepy Uncle Kevin handles the editing and mixing and Dungeondan handles the websites and SEO. You handle the rest.

Why is it called Reel 9?

Creepy Uncle Kevin was a projectionist for three different theaters (in fact that’s where he was given his nick name). Typically your average 90 minute film is delivered to movie theaters in 6 separate reels. The longer epic films running in the 160-180 minutes would be delivered in 9 reels. The term reel 9 became a term for “The ending of a cinematic epic”! As a projectionist it was a big deal to receive a 9 reel film. It meant the movie was long, it would barely on the platter, and the theater couldn’t run as many showings. The audience, on the other hand, seemed more committed to the movie.  So, reel 9 is projectionist slang as in “how was the movie? Great, shit hits the fan in reel 9” or “gotta go home but I’ll be back by reel 9”. We chose the name to broaden the focus of our podcast. Instead of restricting ourselves to a single genre our name reflects film in general.