In this podcast we continue on with more Home Invasion torment. The second feature film from writer- director Miguel Angel Vivas, who went on to make Extinction (2015) and most recently remade the subject of our previous podcast Inside. An upper class family of three moves into their new home in the woods of Madrid only to have three hooded baddies bust in to take everything from these unfortunates. High tension that will send one pacing about. Weaponizing your home. Hiding things. This is high grade horror. Known as ‘the film with only 12 shots”. In the portion of the podcast we give a quick Non-spoiler section. You will hear the ‘spoiler alarm’ before we basically go over the entire movie on a good rant. A fun listen after viewing. Check it out. Both the movie and the debate! And next time, let your daughter go to the party! Might save her fucking life! Enjoy the podcast.