In this podcast we discuss perhaps the bloodiest and defiantly craziest home invasion movie either of us has seen. Inside is a 2007 French home invasion movie directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. The story is about the attack and home invasion of a young pregnant women (Alysson Paradis) by a mysterious stranger (Beatrice Dalle) who wants to take her unborn baby. The film starts with a slow burn and then heats up the creep factor before erupting into high gear and going full on bloody insanity mode. Its a simple rather ridiculous premise and yet an unforgettable horrific ride. We both agree that every aspect of this production was done extremely well, the actors did a superb job on their characters, the make up effects were very realistic, and the cinematography and lighting were fabulous. We both recommend this movie. Enjoy the podcast. In our following podcast we will be covering the film Kidnapped (home invasion again) by director Miguel Angel Vivas whom has recently completed the remake of Inside. Check it out! And lock your fucking doors!